Make Lasting Powers of Attorney at Sensible Cost

Make Lasting Power of Attorney (England & Wales).

Make Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs): we are the specialists on how to make Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs), writing or registering your LPA, contact us here if you live in England and Wales.

For the record, we are specialist solicitors with substantial experience in advising on Lasting Powers of Attorney and Court of Protection work when it is too late.

We will need some basic information from you, and a robust conversation about the best arrangements to make for your protection.  Then we can make Lasting Powers of attorney which are tailored to your specific circumstances and needs.  

We need to bear in mind both your requirements, those of the Court of Protection, and your family circumstances.   Not everyone is sufficiently caring or has the time or interest or ability to effectively run your Lasting Powers of Attorney.

As solicitors, we have full professional indemnity insurance and fees are kept in a separate cleint account for your protection until the work has been completed.  We are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority who insist on high minimum standards of ongoing training (which we far exceed) and compliance with their Code of Conduct.

Even before Lasting Powers of Attorney came out in October 2007, we held regular meetings with a senior official of the Office of the Public Guardian to make sure that our planning and then implementation of the new regime was as good as we could make it.  We believe our system to help you make Lasting Powers of Attorney has been refined to make it as simple and effective as is reasonably possible.

To make Lasting Powers of Attorney call our LPA hotline 01323 741200 or use the form to the right.

Or ask for our Free Guide to LPAs and Legal Planning.